Genre: Book as App

How We Are Different (HWAD)

Date Awarded: 24th July 2017
Author: || Publisher: To a T Books|| Entry Type: Book as App

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How We Are Different is an app based on Thom Kudla’s well-reviewed book How I Am Different. This app is an interactive reading and writing experience that allows you to compare Tho... More info →


Date Awarded: 20th April 2016
In this interactive—and hilarious—adventure, kids explore how food gets to their tables. Based on the award-winning The Cow In Patrick O’Shanahan’s Kitchen, Farm2Table engages kids wi... More info →

Achoo Gaboo

Date Awarded: 21st September 2015
Achoo Gaboo is a reading app for kids 2-5 about a clumsy elephant with a sneezing fit that won't quit. Every time Gaboo achoos, kids can pop the rainbow bubbles that trumpet from his trunk an... More info →

Catching Fireflies: A Writer’s Notebook

Date Awarded: 22nd May 2014
Author: || Publisher: Little Pickle Press|| Entry Type: Book as App

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Catching Fireflies encourages children to catch the sparks of their creativity, harness their inspiration, and pour their talents onto the screen. The book app captures the essence of Coleen ... More info →

A Troop is a Group of Monkeys

Date Awarded: 27th April 2014
A surfeit of skunks, a troop of monkeys, a clutter of spiders.... These colorful and poetic words for animal groups are called collective nouns and children will learn all about them in this rhyming p... More info →

Teddy’s Day HD

Date Awarded: 27th May 2013
Author: || Publisher: Exile Press|| Entry Type: Book as App
An adventure in Teddy’s world begins with the discovery of one day. As children enter, they begin their travels into the wider world without fear and full of wonder. Follow along and be respectful, ... More info →





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