Genre: Enhanced E-Book

Tibet, Disrupted

Date Awarded: 10th March 2017
Author: || Publisher: ThunderHorse Media|| Entry Type: Enhanced E-Book
Tibet, Disrupted is a photo-based book that blows the lid off China’s megadam construction and large-scale mining in Tibet, and documents the looming crisis for the entire Asian regi... More info →

Job Hunting Ninja Master 2017

Date Awarded: 3rd January 2017
Author: || Publisher: Frank McClain|| Entry Type: Enhanced E-Book
The JOB HUNTING NINJA MASTER 2017 helps you master the job search process and successfully navigate your way through the maze of US government and corporate job markets.The JOB HUNTING NINJA ... More info →

Study It Grammar: Book 2

Date Awarded: 31st March 2016
The Study It Grammar series is an exclusively-designed integrated skills and interactive textbook for students, teachers and schoolsThe Study It Grammar series consists of 8 different levels.... More info →
"Dream making as clever as Roald Dahl’s in The BFG" is how Kirkus describes the first paperback from the Addison's Tales musical storyworld. The rippingly entertaining anti-fairytale follows the mis... More info →

Sherlock And Me

Date Awarded: 24th August 2015
Encyclopedia Brown meets the Top Ten Ways to Ruin the First Day of Fifth Grade, with a HUGE TWIST! The reader of Sherlock And Me is the main character and hero in this book "by na... More info →


Date Awarded: 6th April 2015
Author: || Publisher: NTiD, inc.|| Entry Type: Enhanced E-Book

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COLOURS is a play, an art book, a literary curiosity and an audio epic all in one!The play immerses the reader into the odyssey of a fool who has created fictitious characters to remedy the lun... More info →

Logan Goes to China

Date Awarded: 8th December 2014
Logan Goes to China is more than a book. It’s a multi-sensory, multi-media, multi-touch, multi-fun experience. In addition to full-page photos, a finger tap launches a video of a rickshaw rid... More info →

Be the Best Bad Presenter Ever

Date Awarded: 28th July 2014
In BE THE BEST BAD PRESENTER EVER, Karen Hough uses her unique presentation approach to take the anxiety out of one of the greatest fears in business. Her book debunks over a dozen myths about present... More info →

The Emperor’s New Clothes

Date Awarded: 24th June 2014
Sometimes people are willingly dishonest rather than risking embarrassment. Such is the case in this whimsical rendition of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic tale. Excessive fondness for elaborate... More info →
Since The Business of Show Business was first published as a pamphlet in 1984, it has become the bible for aspiring thespians and actors who want to understand the business side of the entert... More info →





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