Judging Criteria

The judges are professionals working and participating within the book and digital book community. They evaluate submissions based on five criteria: Content, Use of Platform and Technology, Innovation, Design, and Overall Reaction. To be considered for either a Gold or Silver Honoree award and be promoted through the IBPA marketing platform, your digital book and/or software platform must excel in each criterion, rise above the normal user expectations and deserve to be considered best-in-class.


Content is much more than text. For e-books alone, it includes strength of story or information. It requires good communication to the intended market. If the submission is an app, enhanced e-book or software platform it could include interactivity, animation, audio, video, additional products, links, tools, and additional information to make the overall experience diverse and rich.

Use of Platform and Technology

Does the submission effectively leverage the current technological platform and have user-friendly functionality? Pages load quickly. There are no broken links. Are there “add-ons” like games, quizzes, audio or video, tools, social media interactivity? In short, platform and technology looks to embrace digital opportunity and ensure good functionality for the user.


Is the submission creative? Does the submission go beyond current user expectations? As technolimproves, the Benjamin Franklin Digital Awards honors those cultural creatives who push the envelope and create something new and exciting.


The design of the digital content is critical whether it is a new technological platform promoted on a company’s homepage or it is the marketing image and interior design of the app or e-book. Does the design complement the content? Is the design professional and engaging? Does the use of color, space, graphics and layout provide a consistent theme and a sense of visual excitement or comfort and ease of use? And do the design and graphics slow the downloading of the asset to render the process frustrating from a user point of view? Remember, design can be ornamented or minimalistic. The point is for the design to complement and package the contents to improve the overall consumer experience.

Overall Reaction

After testing and reading the submission does it fit with your perception of an exceptional digital book or software platform experience? Would you highly recommend this to your friends and family? Do you believe that IBPA can stand behind this product and be proud of honoring, celebrating and promoting it to the IBPA community and trade industry?

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